May 18, 2024

Live Webinar Event Ticket Sales for MGI Electric Golf Buggies,

When playing  golf the player has many choices to pick from about the use of carts.You have your riding golf cart that  most golfers rent form there  golf course typically you’ll spend$20. for the rental on top of your green fee. Then you can choose your push pull cart and they can rent for around $5. Or you can walk the course, and carry your bag, this method is generally for the younger crowd. Now with those 3 chooses just described which one would you choose. I love to walk, but with injuries I had over the years my shoulders cant stand up to the pressure of carry my bag, picking up and putting it down for 18 holes. So  at first glance I would choose the electric riding cart. I don’t see my self pushing or pulling a cart for the same reason mentioned above. But we have overlooked an alternative.

The electric golf caddy from MGI Golf, it’s a great choice for those that love walking while playing golf, it has numerous advantages. First for those of us with some past injuries you don’t have to worry about carrying your bag, picking it up and down after each shot.  Or pushing and pulling up those hills your pull carts, this can be a challenge of its self. You can simply walk down the middle of the fairways swinging your  arms as you guide your electric golf caddy. Another advantage of walking is you keep your muscles warm and stretched out for that next shot, you will probably shoot a better score. Golf Caddies are almost as good as having a real caddy, except you don’t have to share your winnings. These little machines are rugged and can with stand almost anything, they can even carry  your staff bag with all your  necessities.

The only draw back is you can’t rent these machines at your golf course. This is a purchase item, but surprisingly the cost of these electric golf caddy’s have come down over the years due to demand. So you can look at your investment as being paid for in just a little over six months of renting a riding cart. Or better yet I look at it as saving half a year of cart rentals in the first year alone.