May 18, 2024

Adult toys party event hosted my Magicmenshop

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Magicmenshop is running a live event this w.e for its new release and guide to the best vibrators in Australia.



What’s the best vibrator for women and how do I choose one that’s right for me?

This question may have popped in your mind, and we can help answer that. Firstly, what’s your orgasmic fantasy? Knowing what your orgasmic fantasy is – or what we wish to call ‘orgasmic preference’ – will assist you to determine if you favour a pleasure device that’s realistic or one that’s modern with an up-to-date aesthetic designed for pleasure and one that also suits your physical needs (comfortable to hold).

Your orgasmic preference also will influence features like size and vibration intensity. does one prefer just clitoral stimulation or does one want to experience vaginal stimulation or both? There’s no right or wrong approach in the way to experience pleasure though it’s important to think about preferences as a part of your purchasing decision. Let’s face it, you ought to get the simplest bang for your buck – and let’s not waste it after all. Here, we answer your common questions to guide you in choosing the best vibrator.

Do I use a dildo or a vibrator?

Traditionally, a dildo may be a phallic-shaped instrument that doesn’t contain any mechanisms to make vibration whereas a vibrator contains a motor and requires power to work.

Are sex toys safe for my body?

You shouldn’t place anything in your body that’s made from harmful materials. There are different cleaning and sanitation materials designed for sex toys so you can be at peace knowing your things are hygienic.

If the merchandise you’re considering says ‘For novelty use only’ – don’t use it internally! It won’t be constructed out of body-safe materials like medical-grade silicone and will contact harmful chemicals.

Do I get a vibrating one or not?

It ‘comes’ right down to your preference but once you spend your dollar we recommend pursuing value during a device that serves both functions, that way you’ll prefer to use it as your mood suits.

If you get a vibrating one, make sure to check out intensities and speeds it offers. Having options could help you understand what your body needs. Always start with low to medium frequency until your body can manage extreme powerful vibrations.

Should I get the classic or a modern look vibrator?

There are numerous beautifully designed products out there, much better than what was available 20 years ago.

Any more advice?

Please don’t feel any shame exploring your body, your sexuality and your fantasies. Research and learn more about how you can take care of your body and ultimately give to its pleasures. Be confident about yourself and have freedom over your body.

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